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Create an online painting store that reflects your unique brand with over 70 customizable and responsive themes. Efficiently manage your inventory and process customer orders all from one unified dashboard.

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Grab your customers’ attention with targeted marketing campaigns on social media and Google. Make sure customers can find your painting store by using Shopify’s built-in SEO tools and integrated blogging.

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Learn more about selling paintings

  • While art has been traditionally sold in person at various galleries worldwide, it has never been easier for artists to sell their work or for curators to sell their collections online. Artists can start by sharing their artwork on platforms such as Instagram to gain traction and exposure. Afterward, they can create an online store and begin selling online.

  • There are several third-party marketplaces where you can choose to sell your artwork online. However, one great option is to set up your own branded ecommerce store using Shopify. With an art gallery on the Shopify platform, you can display your work to potential buyers and include detailed descriptions of every item you sell. Shopify’s SEO features can help you get your paintings on the radar of search engines, making it easier for potential buyers to find you.

  • Yes, you can sell your paintings on Shopify. Not only does Shopify offer a wide variety of themes you can use to set the right tone and style for your online store, but you can also integrate with social media platforms to gain more exposure for your paintings. Shopify also features various plugins, including augmented reality plugins you can use to let potential customers preview how their art will look in their home before they purchase it.

  • Even though prices for paintings are subjective, that doesn’t mean that you need to price your paintings on the lower end of the spectrum. If you’re a new artist without much experience, then you can begin by setting an hourly wage and multiplying that wage by the number of hours you spent on your painting. Also include the price of materials and shipping to determine a price that can land you a profit.

  • Matt LeBlanc Art is a perfect example of an online gallery — and it’s built using Shopify. Matt’s store offers various options at different price points for each customer and uses Shopify integrations to provide several payment options for the buyer’s convenience.

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Showcase your paintings with professionally edited photos or build customer loyalty with rewards programs. With over 6000 options in the Shopify App Store, you can customize your store experience and test for success.

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Sell your paintings online, in-person, and wherever your customers are. Quickly accept payments, view sales, fulfill orders, and track inventory with the Shopify POS app—no matter where you sell.

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