The Fudge House

The Fudge House

Our store is in the heart of Edinburgh's Royal Mile and specializes in making fudge, using a family recipe that has been refined over 60 years.

Although our heritage forms a major part of our identity, our feet are firmly set in the modern world with flavors of fudge drawing inspiration from various continents and cultures.

As part of this forward-looking attitude, in 2012 we launched our online store with huge success. As our fudge is shipped all over the world, our renown as top class confectioners is growing rapidly, as is our number of orders.

Fudge prepared in the shop —Fudge House, Edinburgh

Customers are more likely to buy and continue buying from you if you can highlight your unique selling points and build a relationship with them.—Paolo Di Sotto

What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

As mentioned above, our online store is a growing success story. Since its launch, we have had over 700 orders and have dispatched fudge to countries as far flung as the US, Australia & Japan as well as having a large retail base across Europe.

The key factor leading to this success is the exciting design and presentation of the website, which seems to mirror the way in which we present our fudge in store.

By using high-class photography, we are able to evoke the colour & texture of our fudge and behind the scene shots invite online shoppers into our kitchen, the heart of our business.

Through this visualization, we are able to engage customers' taste & smell sensations which are so vital in our trade.

A personal touch also helps to boost our online custom; presenting our family story from the beginning of the business up until today recreates the welcoming atmosphere in our shop.

Additionally, use of social media, flyers and word of mouth, with each sale assistant promoting our website to in store customers which really helps to increase the number of online visits we receive.

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

Our top recommendation for new store owners is to engage customers; whatever you are selling, there is a good chance that there are competitors out there selling something similar. What is it that makes you unique?

For us, it's the secret of our family recipe, our heritage and our determination to make the best fudge, even if that involves a longer process. These are key factors which we seek to emphasize both in-store & online.

Chopping fudge for customers —Fudge House, Edinburgh

Any Closing Remarks?

Customers are more likely to buy and continue buying from you if you can highlight your unique selling points and build a relationship with them. So with both online and in-store, presentation and good relations are key.

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