Lookmatic is an approach to eyewear that's as unique as you are.

Lookmatic is your exclusive source for fully-customized, fashion-forward, prescription eyewear with styles starting at $95. We make it easy to find the perfect combination of styles, colors and features that take prescription eyewear from overpriced necessity to affordable, must-have accessory. Pick your frames from the dozens of updated classics and exclusive designer collaborations only found here. With a few clicks, you can customize them until they're perfectly yours.

Try them on at home by picking up to six frames and then leave the rest to us - shipping and returns are always free. Try them on virtually to see how styles and colors look in real time from any computer with a camera. With limitless combinations and multiple ways to try on your new looks, you'll see yourself in Lookmatic.

What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

We found success in two things – telling the truth about the value proposition of retail eyewear and by finding a genuine voice for the brand. First, people are typically shocked to find out that they've been paying hundreds of dollars too much for their glasses. We take pride in pulling back the curtain to educate our customers on the incredible value they can find with Lookmatic. Our frames are made in factories right next to high fashion frames, using the same materials, but our glasses cost only $95.

The "Dillon"

We realized people have a very personal connection to their eyewear, so we started offering as many ways to personalize our product as possible. Soon we found the authentic voice of the brand – Lookmatic is all about you. Your look, your style and what it says about you as a person. We don't have a hipster agenda and we don't sell a monocle. We just want you to look and feel great without wasting hundreds of dollars.

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

Find a way to be genuine. There is so much noise out there and consumers are savvier than ever – you have to really believe in your product and have an honest commitment to your customers to find a message that resonates.

Any Closing Remarks?

We love Shopify!

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