5 Logo Design Tips for Ecommerce Websites

5 Logo Design Tips for Ecommerce Websites


Shoppers often evaluate credibility based on appearance alone - which is why your logo is vitally important.

This is a guest post by Dylan Mazeika. It's crucial for ecommerce store owners to distance themselves from the cookie-cutter online stores. This process begins with a quality brand image and more specifically, a professional logo

Here are 5 ecommerce logo design tips to keep in mind while you're building your online store. 

1. Keep It Simple

When you look at some very well known online retailers and their logo design, you'll notice one common thread: simplicity. Largely text-based, both of the following brands have taken the name of their organization and formatted it to be easily read and identified, whether it appears on their site, in a list of search results or on an affiliate site. 

1. Keep It Simple

1. Keep It Simple

This stripped-down format makes them easy to remember and also provides everything the customer needs to find them on the web since the logo itself doubles for the web address in each case.

2. Optimize for Mobile

Legibility for mobile shoppers is really important these days. With the growing level of shopping people are conducting on the go, it’s important to make sure the text you include in your logo isn’t too small. Always keep an eye on the scalability of your design, ensuring the logo that appears on your ecommerce site or email receipt is easily read on the miniature screen of a cell phone or similar web-enabled device.
2. Optimize for Mobile

3. Reveal Your USP Through Images or Tagline

Position yourself by clearly defining the specific aspects of your product or service that are superior to the competition. If you are the only, the biggest, the oldest or the best, consider reflecting that distinction through a catchy slogan or quality art that lets your customers know you’re in the lead. Shopify store Cookbook Village does this really well by including "Vintage and used cookbooks for chefs, collectors and foodies" right in their logo. They have another logo without the bottom text that scales better on mobile devices and that they use on Facebook and Twitter. 

3. Reveal Your USP Through Images or Tagline

4. Maximize Your Web Pages with a Horizontal Design

When designing your logo, you might consider keeping the design primarily horizontal. By minimizing the vertical space and stretching graphics and text across the horizontal plane, you have a larger amount of real estate to showcase your products, preventing shoppers from having to scroll down when browsing. Shopify store A Book Apart has a beautiful logo (not surprisingly) that does a great job of using a horizontal design to increase the number of products above the fold. 

4. Maximize Your Web Pages with a Horizontal Design

5. Use Images Wisely

It’s almost impossible not to think about Amazon without the image of their upward-arced arrow coming to mind. Plus, as you can see in the other online retailers mentioned above, the use of art is fairly minimal, making it that much more important to select images that are unquestionably tied to your offering. Shopify store So Worth Loving incorporates a clean and minimalist image that will stick in a customer's mind. The half diamond, half heart conveys quality and value with one half and love with the other.

5. Use Images Wisely

Where to Start

Start by getting inspired. There are a number of resources available on the web that can provide an endless catalog of art and inspirational ideas for making an ecommerce store logo.

This is a guest post: Dylan Mazeika is an online writer with a background in marketing and small business. He enjoys writing articles and guest posts on the latest business and design trends, and helping small business owners with free logo design.



  • Alex
    June 21 2012, 11:06AM

    1) Keep it simple: These examples have nothing to do with simplicity. A circle would be simplistic. From reading the description, it sounds like what you mean is “Use your web address in your logo”.

    2) Optimize for Mobile: This isn’t specific to mobile, this is simply ensuring your brand is legible at different sizes. What does this example show, that Zappos has a big logo?

    3) Reveal Your USP Through Images or Tagline: What the hell is USP? I read the blurb and still don’t know what that means.

    4) Maximize Your Web Pages with a Horizontal Design: Great, you now have a logo that isn’t flexible and dictates the rest of your design choices. If you base your brand on your current website layout you’ll need a redesign every year. Where is the brand familiarity in that?

    5) Use Images Wisely: Why reference the Amazon logo at all? Why not use the Amazon logo as an example here instead of in “Keep it simple”?

  • Wendy Guerin
    Wendy Guerin
    June 21 2012, 12:32PM

    Thank you for sharing the Cookbook Village logo as an example of a logo incorporating USP. We felt it was key for prospects to immediately understand our differentiator in the book space. Because we sell vintage and used goods, people landing anywhere in our site from a search engine or referral link can immediately understand how we differ from a Barnes & Noble or warehouse style site like Amazon.

  • Rach
    June 21 2012, 12:49PM

    Good tips, thanks!

  • Dylan Mazeika
    Dylan Mazeika
    June 21 2012, 02:04PM

    Glad to use Cookbook Village it was an easy decision given your site and logo.

    Hey Alex thanks for reading the post I’d love to try to clear some of those points up.

    The first tip “keep it simple” is definitely reflected in the BizChair and Amazon logo examples, two typographic logos with very minimal symbols used. Simple doesn’t mean a circle but there are plenty of logos out there where the symbol clutters and takes away from the business image.

    Optimizing for mobile is an important element especially with mobile search increasing month over month. It’s important to keep in mind a logo with a small tagline might not be seen on mobile browsers. The Zappos logo can easily be read because of the font used and recognizable image making it a perfect design for mobile browsers.

    USP is unique selling point. The Cookbook Village does a great job of incorporating what makes their site unique with their tagline.

    As far as a horizontal design goes, it’s just better for selling online, and this was 5 tips for ecommerce sites after all. Not that a vertical logo won’t work, but more products above the fold will keep customers on the page longer and reduce the bounce rate if they are looking at more of your products on one page.

    Amazon is a great well known brand that is using a simple image wisely, the smiley face. Shopify’s own So Worth Loving is another great example of a simple image being used to convey much more about the business.

  • Eryn
    June 21 2012, 02:13PM

    Love this post of simplifying the design of your logo. It is a first impression of your brand and important to take your design of it seriously! :)

  • Yves
    June 22 2012, 02:30AM

    The other article you link says it clearly as its #1 option: Hire a designer. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be good, but if you want a pro result, get someone who knows what they’re doing, and focus on your own part of the business.

    Using Amazon is actually a perfect counter example, because it LOOKS simple, but that precisely requires a lot of (professional) work to achieve that level.

  • eCommerce Websites
    eCommerce Websites
    June 26 2012, 03:22AM

    yeah thats true you should be more creative while designing logo for eCommerce Websites because the main idea went through the logo of the site.

  • ecommerce websites
    ecommerce websites
    June 27 2012, 08:10AM

    these tips for designing eCommerce websites is really very nice and creative as they are inspiration too.

  • Logo Design Company
    Logo Design Company
    June 28 2012, 02:39AM

    Reading this post was a great pleasure, thanks for your efforts.

  • Dylan Mazeika
    Dylan Mazeika
    June 28 2012, 10:20AM

    Glad you guys liked the post, a lot of work went into it and Mark from Shopify was a huge help in the process.

  • Joel @ Atlanta Logo Design
    Joel @ Atlanta Logo Design
    June 28 2012, 09:27PM

    We live by the KISS method that you touched on in point 1…Keep It Simple Stupid. The tagline makes a big difference as well!

  • The eWAY Team
    The eWAY Team
    July 13 2012, 12:53AM

    It’s also worth considering how your logo will look in the context of the other logos on your site. Because eWAY is a trusted brand in the online payments industry, many of our merchants include our logo on their eCommerce sites.

    This means leaving space for it, ensuring that the colours don’t clash, and making sure that the merchant’s logo is more prominent than the others on the site.

  • James
    July 23 2012, 08:55AM

    The way you shared your views upon the logo designs was remarkable, but I would just like to add on some points:-
    • Colours also play an important role for example: the logo’s designed for the environment friendly company can be of green colour so that just by seeing it, the users can make out that it is related to environment. Bright Colours attract attention and hence can be used for making logo for the company on the highway so that it attracts the attention of the drivers and the riders as well.
    • Size of the logo is also important as small size logos doesn’t attract much attention.
    • It should be somewhere linked with the company. Allusive logos are not recommended for the new company.

  • Albi
    July 30 2012, 12:04PM

    I never thought that anyone will research on logo than you. But apart from USA logo you are missing e-commerce of BRIC (Brazil, Rusia, India and China) countries. For indian e-commerce companies logo can be view from http://www.woolor.com

  • Raymond Perez
    Raymond Perez
    August 29 2012, 11:31AM

    Dylan Mazeika. Very well stated in your first comment. Just a note, amazon’s logo is not meant to be a smile. It is an arrow pointing from “A to Z” meaning they have everything from A to Z. Stemming from their original identity as an online book store.

  • crea8ive
    October 12 2012, 07:20AM

    5steps are very useful for learning Ecommerce logo design.thanks

  • Thirumalai
    October 18 2012, 07:46AM

    Really wonderful tips sharing here, Logo the vital part of ecommerce business.

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    February 16 2013, 07:02PM

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  • Stephen Burt
    Stephen Burt
    June 13 2013, 07:49AM

    Well Appreciated.
    Everysteps is useful.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting tips .

  • Logo design @Calgary
    Logo design @Calgary
    May 29 2014, 03:17AM

    These are excellent tips for anyone designing a business site where they may be selling a product. Sure to maximize sales potential.

  • Bill Haig
    Bill Haig
    October 21 2014, 10:48PM

    My 2007 Ph.D. dissertation applied the teachings of Saul Bass and credibility persuasion theory in communication to logo design. I would be happy to send stuff —papers, articles, writings working with Saul Bass etc. -- to anyone who emails me. bill@haigbranding.com . Thanks.

    Bill Haig, Ph.D.
    Logo Design and Branding.

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    James Edman
    September 20 2016, 12:21PM

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  • Dhrubajyoti
    November 04 2016, 05:44AM

    Much appreciated Dylan, as it says I also thinks logos should be simple though eyechatchy. As it also should be mobile friendly, using image wisely etc. Love the way how you describe different kind of logos.

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  • Martha
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