chapter 18

Interview an Industry Influencer

Blogging is a secret weapon for any online business because it brings in longtail search engine traffic for years to come. The funny thing is a lot of business owners never get around to this low hanging fruit because it takes a few hours of focus to write a post.

A great way to produce easy and very exceptional blog content is to interview someone important and well known in your industry. For those of you who are running an outdoorsy or sporting goods related online shop – this can be a gold mine.

Most vendors sponsor professionals and amateurs to help endorse their product. Interviewing these people is a win-win, because it gives the interviewee more exposure and you get to give the inside scoop to your audience. Imagine selling sneakers online and getting the opportunity to interview the reigning king Lebron James himself.

Questions You Can Ask:

The hard part of doing an interview post is coming up with good questions. Here are a few questions of interview questions segments by industry:

Sporting Goods

Obviously you might have a hard time getting the attention of a NBA basketball star, but reaching out to up-and-comers like promising high school athletes and amateur sports stars can do wonders for your blog. Especially if any of them ever make it to the pros.

  • What has been the biggest challenge thus far in your career?
  • Where do you see the future of this industry / sport / hobby heading?
  • What advice do you have for young people who hope to make a living in this sport?

Cosmetics and Fashion

Right now there are a lot of super popular cosmetic and fashion bloggers on YouTube. Simply type in “cosmetic tutorial” or “fashion tutorial” and you’ll immediately see them. These are great people to interview because many of them have become quite popular over the past year.

  • What styles do you see coming back in style?
  • What are some timeless articles / accessories / pieces that will always work?
  • What’s the future of this industry / world?

Electronics, Gadgetry and Technology

If you operate an online store in this genre, it may seem tough to find people to interview – but’s it not! Again, there might be a few YouTube personalities that your niche adores. Additionally, you may want to reach out to vendors and conduct interviews with some of the top designers.

  • What are some of the coolest inventions you’ve come across?
  • What are some exciting technologies for the future that you’ve had a glimpse of?
  • Ask about cool modifications, tips and techniques.

The trick with coming up with interview questions is to just start writing. Once you get a few questions down, you’ll naturally think of more questions. Finally, you can always copy questions from other interviews that have been done in your industry. Chances are they will work for the people who you plan on interviewing.

Step It Up with Video

If you have the resources, take interviewing to the next level by doing video interviews. Not only will they be potentially more viral, you can always transcribe the audio into text and create a blog post that will help with your website SEO. Obviously, you would want to embed the video at the top of the blog post so people can still watch the interview.

Finally, remember to post your videos to Youtube. Youtube is another search engine and you can link to your website from the video for extra SEO power.

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