Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
We have made some changes to the look of your store’s administrative area. Experience a friendlier and cleaner feel when managing your store.

A few of the bigger changes that you will notice right away are the removal of the blue sidebar and a new (more streamlined) order detail screen.

Other changes include:

  • All your Shopify Apps and the App Store can be accessed conveniently from anywhere
  • More Dashboard stats including recent orders & comments
  • Theme settings and template editor are now in separate sections
  • Better Gravatar support (now also for your customers on order screens)
  • Improved print stylesheet for orders
  • Uploaded (theme independent) files are now accessible either through the new editor interface or on your account screen
  • Search is now accessible from every screen for quick access to your products, orders & more


We hope you’re gonna like this refresh; it’s just the beginning of a series of enhancements that will make Shopify even more of a joy to use.