chapter 15

Optimizing Campaign Length

The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding takes a different approach to advising you on your crowdfunding campaign. This guide brings you the tips from people who know crowdfunding best – the experts who have run great campaigns and crowdfunding sites themselves – and presents raw data collected from a sample of some of the 15 most funded projects on both platforms.

What Kickstarter Advises

Statistically, projects lasting 30 days or less have our highest success rates. A Kickstarter project takes a lot of work to run, and shorter projects set a tone of confidence and help motivate your backers to join the party. Longer durations incite less urgency, encourage procrastination, and tend to fizzle out.

What Indiegogo Advises

We encourage campaigners to set a campaign length of 40 or fewer days for the following reasons:

  • Momentum: Your campaign should be long enough that you have time to build interest and reach your audience, but not so long that it becomes background noise.

  • Engagement: The longer the campaign, the harder it is to continue to keep your audience engaged, excited, and contributing.

  • Urgency: Seeing that a campaign has just a few days remaining creates a sense of urgency for potential contributors, motivating them to act now, rather than later.

  • Resources: Take into account that you’ll be closely managing the campaign through its duration; you may not want to dedicate 60 days to it.

The average fully-funded campaign is 47 days long.

What the Experts Advise

“We set a 45-day campaign, because we enough time for the campaign to generate momentum, especially for press.” - Bill Trammel, Catan Boards.

“We knew that when we put up the page that we’d have 39 days left. Psychologically it was useful for us to be in the 30-day range, and we found that useful.” - Noah Dentzel, NOMAD.

The Data

Table 1
Product Amount raised Platform Number
of Days
3Doodler  $2,344,134  Kickstarter 34
ARKYD  $1,505,366  Kickstarter 32
Canary  $1,961,862  Indiegogo 34
Emotiv Insight  $1,643,117  Kickstarter 45
GravityLight  $399,590  Indiegogo 39
Kano  $1,522,160  Kickstarter 30
Kreyos  $1,502,828  Indiegogo 52
Misfit Shine  $846,675  Indiegogo 60
Pebble  $10,266,845  Kickstarter 37
Pono Music
 $6,225,354  Kickstarter 35
Robot Dragonfly
 $1,140,975  Indiegogo 55
Scanadu Scout  $1,664,574  Indiegogo 58
SCiO  $1,774,489  Kickstarter 47
StickNFind  $931,870  Indiegogo 54
The Dash  $3,390,551  Kickstarter 50

Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo cap the maximum length of campaigns at 60 days.

In this sample of design and technology projects, the average length of a campaign is 44 days. Misfit Shine ran the longest campaign, using all of 60 days, and Kano ran the shortest campaign at 30 days.

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