10 Creative Shopify Stores to Get You Excited for 2018

10 Creative Shopify Stores to Get You Excited for 2018

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Now that the year’s coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on all the wonderful web design and development work you’ve done in 2017.

We want you to start getting pumped for all the great work you’ll do in the New Year. 💪

We’ve collected some of the most interesting ecommerce designs we’ve seen this year into one list, so you can quickly reference it when starting your ecommerce projects in 2018.

Regardless of where your clients are located, or what industry they’re in, we hope these stores will inspire you to do your best work and make commerce better for everyone.

1. Soulful Hues

Store URL: https://www.soulfulhues.com/
Created by: Saba Kazi

shopify stores: soulful hues shopify stores: soulful hues categories

shopify stores: soulful hues

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2. AUrate New York

Store URL: https://auratenewyork.com/
Created by: Lille Hummer

shopify stores: aurate holidays

shopify stores: aurate

shopify stores: aurate earrings

3. Noah

Store URL: https://noahny.com
Created by: Bismuth Studio


shopify stores: noah jackets

shopify stores: noah scarf

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4. Chaos

Store URL: https://shop.chaos.club/
Created by: Vasava

shopify stores: chaos home

shopify stores: chaos

shopify stores: chaos phone case

5. Nice Laundry

Store URL: https://www.nicelaundry.com/
Created by: extendedplay shopify stores: nice laundry home

shopify stores: nice laundry box

shopify stores: nice laundry shop

6. Green Gurus

Store URL: https://greengurus.de/
Created by: Liquify Web Design

shopify stores: green gurus bowls

shopify stores: green gurus shop

shopify stores: green gurus nicoise

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7. Bonvagon

Store URL: https://www.bonvagon.com/
Created by: Krevito

shopify stores: bonvagon home

shopify stores: bonvagon menu

shopify stores: bonvagon plate

8. Michael Nelson

Store URL: https://michaelnelson.co.ke/
Created by: Gross Development

shopify stores: michael nelson scroll

shopify stores: michael nelson shop

shopify stores: michael-nelson bags

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9. BJB Éditions

Store URL: https://www.bjbeditions.com/
Created by: FyneDC

shopify stores: bjb editions

shopify stores: bjb editions serge

10. Ban.do Designs

Store URL: https://www.bando.com/pages/ive-got-friends-homepage
Created by: BOLD

shopify stores: bando designs

shopify stores: bando designs stuff

shopify stores: bando designs cocktail

What creative Shopify stores do you love? Share your favorites in the comments section below!

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