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50 Cent

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ISFJs as entrepreneurs

ISFJs typically boast plenty of emotional depth in business. They carefully consider the thoughts and feelings of their subordinates, making them masters of the art of teamwork, which is good since they’re typically resistant to the notion of undertaking an endeavour alone.

That’s why ISFJs take some time to adjust as entrepreneurs, and so it’s likely they will start with a side hustle that slowly eases them into the waters of busines. Focusing on building a team before building a business is the best way to compensate for the slower transition into a self-employed entrepreneur.

As highly analytical thinkers, ISFJs excel at problem solving and brainstorming ideas, which helps them to invent or reinvent solutions for local and global markets.

ISFJs commonly combine these traits in order to wander down entrepreneurial paths that are steeped in the concept of giving back to society. Thus, ISFJs are ideally suited to business ideas that allow them to nurture their generosity in the form of a product or service that they believe will positively impact their audience in some way. However, given the right support, they can also cooperate with a co-funder to pursue any type of venture.

Their introverted nature can sometimes work against them when it comes to networking in person, as they find it difficult to relate to more extroverted personalities. To counteract this issue, ISFJs should leverage the power of online networking sites like LinkedIn, AngelList, and Beyond to make useful new connections.

It’s wise for ISFJs to employ a close advisor from among their trusted team who is able to help steer major decisions that involve things like laying people off, relocating the business, and adjusting internal structures.

Finally, because ISFJs thoroughly enjoy the role of the knight in shining armour, they should be wary of habitually over-delivering for their colleagues and clients – particularly if it begins to compromise their business. Time management apps such as Rescue Time and Toggl can help ISFJs to manage their time between tasks, so they can constantly re-focus their efforts on providing value for their customers and clients in a balanced way.

“People often say I have so much energy, that I never stop; but that’s what it takes to accomplish your goals.”

50 Cent, ISFJ

ISFJs’ strengths and weaknesses



They are openly mindful of how their decisions affect their co-workers and employees, making them highly effective team workers.


ISFJs enjoy working in small, concentrated teams in order to build a brand with an emotional attachment to its product or service.


They are highly analytical in their thought processes, which comes in handy when problem solving and brainstorming ideas.


Trouble with hard calls

Their eagerness to play the role of the hero becomes an issue when difficult decisions need to be made – such as relocating the company and firing employees.


Thanks to their introverted nature, ISFJs may find it difficult to network and do business with extroverted personality types in person.

Too lenient

The killer instinct needed by entrepreneurs in order to succeed may be quelled by an ISFJs agreeable nature.

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