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Paris Hilton

Actress and Entrepreneur

ISFPs as entrepreneurs

ISFPs are typically artistically gifted and make for highly committed entrepreneurs—if they can resist settling for the traditionally safe 9-to-5.

Whatever it is they’re into, they exude passion for their work, and they’re prepared to give it every ounce of their energy in order to make it a success. They should likely find some way to connect this passion to whatever business they start.

Due to their introverted nature, ISFPs pair their commitment with a quieter nature that manifests kindness and sensitivity. This naturally makes them pleasant to work with, and even easier to work for.

Thanks to their ability to listen attentively to others, ISFPs tend to learn things quickly. Their communication skills benefit immensely from this simply because they truly listen when their employees and customers are talking.

Loyalty is another notable trait attributed to ISFPs. They treat their brand like a family, and they rarely turn their backs on the people they work with. Instead, an ISFP would much rather take their time to build a small, well-bonded team that consists of familiar faces.

However, despite the weighty value of empathy in the workplace, an ISFPs warm heart often works against them in the entrepreneurial sphere. They shy away from conflict, preferring to exit a conversation – or even a room – before getting to the bottom of an issue.

This aversion to difficult situations also makes ISFPs evasive toward decisions that may impact the lives of others. It also means they should probably partner with someone who is more naturally skilled at the operations aspect of running a business.

Considering their strengths and weaknesses, entrepreneurial ISFPs would appreciate the benefits of a business based on their artistic inclinations.

“Even if I’m tired after a month of travel, I‘m going to get up and go because it’s not just about me.”

Paris Hilton, ISFP

ISFPs’ strengths and weaknesses



They are never lazy when it comes to their work. Paired with their friendliness, this makes them pleasant to work alongside.


Their artistic gifts could potentially be translated into a business idea.

Attentive listener

They value the feelings and opinions of their employees and customers.


Evades conflict

This can spell trouble when a decision needs to be made or a hard conversation needs to be had.

Hard to get to know

Despite their loyalty, only a select few will testify to truly knowing an ISFP.


ISFPs might be overwhelmed at first by the technical aspects of running a business.

There’s never been a better time to start a business

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