Famous ISTJ, Jeff Bezos


The Inspector

Jeff Bezos

Founder of Amazon

ISTJs as entrepreneurs

ISTJs typically approach entrepreneurship in a calm and calculated manner. They are self-assured, honest, and extremely direct when they talk to their peers.

They put a lot of emphasis on optimizing their daily routines in order to be efficient. Productivity and organization apps like Trello can form a large part of their professional lives thanks to this innate appetite for efficiency.

They learn very quickly thanks to their ability to listen attentively when others are sharing ideas and business hacks. Their communication skills are also boosted by this trait, as they are able to respond more accurately to the wants and needs of others – simply because they listened well.

Unfortunately, ISTJs are rarely able to muster up much of a creative spark. Instead, they end up doing things by the book, which results in very bland and impersonal results. To rectify this lack of creativity, ISTJs should engage in creative writing exercises in order to further cultivate their copywriting abilities – an essential skill for any entrepreneur.

ISTJs also hate being proved wrong, as they feel that they have to be right about almost every subject. It goes without saying that such an attitude can rub coworkers and clients the wrong way. It also doesn’t help that they tend to be insensitive when disputes do eventually arise.

In order to keep these negative traits in check, ISTJs should employ a close advisor to help stifle petty disputes, act as a mediator when necessary, and to tell the ISTJ when they’re just plain wrong.

“The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ And that's a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’”

Jeff Bezos, ISTJ

ISTJs’ strengths and weaknesses


Attentive listener

They easily understand the wants and needs of their employees and customers.


They excel at organizing teams, events, and their daily lives.

Honest and direct

They always opt for the truth, and they quickly become known for their honesty in business.


Always by the book

ISTJs prefer to stay within the realm of how things should be done.

Needs to be right

They tend to argue until they are seen as correct.


Their insensitive qualities present themselves when employees and colleagues voice their ideas.

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