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Daymond John

Founder of FUBU

ISTPs as entrepreneurs

You could say that ISTPs were born to be entrepreneurs.

They are stubbornly self-reliant characters that crave efficiency in their working lives. Together, these two traits aid ISTPs to brainstorm their own solutions, persist with their ideas, and use intelligent methods to maximize their productivity throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Moreover, ISTPs have no problems handling fiery situations. It goes without saying that not all boardroom meetings run smoothly, so the calm leadership and diplomacy that an ISTP presents during conflict is a valuable asset to any organization

When it comes to interacting with people individually however, ISTPs leave much to be desired. They come across as stubborn and insensitive towards others, which naturally makes it difficult to nurture a closely bonded team of employees – particularly if that team is a small one.

Another related weakness of ISTPs is their tendency to be easily bored by others. This applies heavily in situations where they have to listen to the ideas and feedback of others, which would further strain professional relations.

In order to help hone their people skills, ISTPs should encourage and get involved in group discussions and brainstorming activities within their team. This will produce a friendlier environment, and the constant flow of ideas will also help to alleviate that feeling of boredom when others are sharing their views.

With their superb – and perhaps stubborn – self reliance, it is common to find ISTPs creating businesses in a niche they themselves understand very well. They might start with a craft they know well (carpentry, photography, design, etc.), but they will likely expand their business in related ways (selling lessons, speaking gigs, high-end consulting, etc.).

“Align yourself with the right people, forge the right relationships, and you’ll set yourself up for the long run.”

Daymond John, ISTP

ISTPs’ strengths and weaknesses


Self reliance

This bodes well for anybody adopting an entrepreneurial lifestyle.


Good with their hands and putting things together, these talents offer a good starting place for business ideas.


They emphasize the importance of being efficient at all times.


Easily bored

ISTPs are very easily bored with the ideas and contributions of others, which can harm professional relationships if left uncontrolled.


Although entrepreneurs require an element of strong will, the stubbornness of an ISTP can hinder their professional progress.

Financial planning

Their bias toward action can lead to a lack of thought when it comes to important financial considerations when starting a business.

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