chapter 7

Lesson 7: The Tech Required & Omni-Channel Retailing

Video transcript

Another facet of your pop-up store planning to incorporate is technology requirements, the basics, your point of sale system and creating an omni channel experience.  

In these days it’s not enough just to have an e-commerce store or just to have a brick and mortar.  It’s about bringing them both together and creating an experience that allows your online and offline channels to bridge and connect to your customer in a cohesive way.  So think of that as well as you’re building out your pop-up store.  Make sure that the experience that they’re getting in a physical space is an extension of the experience that you created on your e-commerce platform.

Next up is your point-of-sale system.  All you need is Wi-Fi, an iPad and downloading an app like Shopify POS. Be sure to preload your inventory, be set to collect sales tax depending on what state that you’re in, and have your swiper.  You might need one or if you have a larger store or expect high traffic times, you may want to order more than one so that multiple people can be running sales at the same time.

In addition to that, think about what other hardware you might need.  Do you want to print receipts for your customers?  Do you need a cash drawer? You can preorder all of these elements very easily and have them delivered into the store before it’s time to open.

From basic tech needs to point-of-sales to creating cohesive omni-channel experience that bridges your offline and online store, now you’re ready to move onto the next step of planning your pop-up store activation.

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