How to Sell on Facebook

How to Sell on Facebook
It's easy for Shopify stores to sell their products on Facebook
Install any one of the apps below to add a "Shop" tab to your ecommerce store's Facebook page. Your products will be automatically imported and customers will be able to browse and purchase items directly on Facebook. 
You'll have your Facebook storefront up and running within minutes. The apps run on auto-pilot in the background and automatically sync with your ecommerce store's pricing and stock availability.
Each one of these apps will give your Facebook storefront a different look and feel, so check out the example stores that I link to below. You can read more about their pricing and features by checking out their detailed pages in the Shopify App Store.


Free - $300 / Month

Beetailer’s Free Plan lets you sell up to 10 products and run 2 promotions per month. Their most popular plan, Professional, is $50/mo and gives you up to 500 products, along with a full arsenal of promotion, analytics, and reporting tools. Beetailer’s new detailed statistics function gives you detailed historical information about your visitors preferences and behavior. They also have real-time analytics that allow you to find out which campaigns are working and why. You can use their free templates or they’ll clone your Shopify store’s look and feel for $199. Beetailer is well known for their gorgeous Facebook storefronts. Beetailer has recently upgraded its interface for Facebook Timeline, and implemented Pinterest like styling. Shopify store Violent Lips is using their new "Pinterest Style" Facebook store, and you can check it out here.

Grey Bird is a Shopify store that uses Beetailer to sell products on Facebook. Check out their Facebook store here.


Free - $11.99 / Month

Flibtabify offers a popular Free Plan that is designed for users that want to quickly get their Shopify store on Facebook. The free plan gives you unlimited products, and makes certain decisions on your behalf to make things easier. You can upgrade to their Power Plan for $11.99/mo that will give you the option to “fan-gate”, allow you to choose which collections to show (including hidden collections), it will let you set the default collection to show on your Facebook store, and let you select the number of products to display per page. 

Ewin Dry Goods is a Shopify store that uses Fliptabify to sell products on Facebook. Check out their Facebook store here

Wishpond Social Store

Free - $19/ Month

Wishpond’s Free Plan supports up to 20 products. Their most popular plan, Basic, is $9/mo and gives you up to 5,000 products, and comes with basic updating, engagement, and analytics features. Upgrade to a Pro Plan and you’ll get live pricing and stock updates, ‘fan-gating’ functionality, and advanced analytics. If you want to run full fledged social marketing campaigns they have a new app called Wishpond Social Offers that gives you powerful promotional tools. 

Satchel & Page is a Shopify store that uses Wishpond to sell products on Facebook. Check out their Facebook store here


14 Day Free Trial, $19.99 - $49.99/ Month

Zibaba offers you 14 days to try their service for free, then you can choose between three plans. They offer a special plan just for Shopify store owners called Professional, which is $19.99/mo and comes with unlimited items. Zibaba puts focus on the social aspect of your Facebook store and lets customers like, share, ask advice, and comment on every product in your catalog. You can also promote your store using daily deals, flash sales, coupons and more. Facebook's advertising API is integrated with Zibaba so that you can easily manage Facebook ad campaigns from your own shop manager.

Union of Angels by Cindy Bapst is a Shopify store that uses Zibaba to sell products on Facebook. Check out their Facebook store here. Shopify store Japan Sousinon also uses Zibaba, and you can check out their Facebook store here.

Storefront Social

14 Day Free Tral, $19 - $39 / Month

Storefront Social offers a 14 day free trial, then you have various pricing options to choose from. They offer two special plans at a discounted rate to Shopify store owners, sign up for their Platinum Plan for $19.95/mo, which comes with international storefronts, ‘fan-gating,’ and 500 products. You can also choose their Enterprise Plan (usually $129/mo) for only $39.95/mo, which gives you all the bells and whistles and up to 1,000 products. All their packages include a custom header, over 7 templates to choose from, and product search.

Muchacho Clothing is a Shopify store that uses Storefront Social to sell products on Facebook. Check out their Facebook store here.


30 Day Free Tral, $9.99 - $79.99 / Month

StoreYa gives all Shopify store owners a generous 30 day free trial. Their entry level plan, Economy, is $9.99/mo and gives you up to 500 products, good customization, social features, and will sych to your Shopify store twice a month. Their most popular plan, First Class, is $29.99/mo and gives you 5,000 products, and comes with total HTML & CSS control, full customer service, and twice a week + on demand product synch.

StoreYa is brand new to the Shopify App Store! Check out their free trial and let us know what you think of their product and service.

**More Shopify Facebook Store Examples**


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    I wouldn’t go as far to call this a Sales Guide if all it has is a list off Shopify Apps that plant your catalog in a Facebook tab. Just doing that won’t get you much more sales unless you do some REAL WORK to make it accessible and valuable to users.

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