chapter 8

Lesson 8: Marketing & Promoting Your Pop-Up Through Social Media

Video transcript

Now that you've honed in on the goal, picked the right location, and designed your space it's time to work on your strategy of how you're going to build buzz, amplify reach, and gotten the word about about your pop-up store. Firstly, it's important to find the right strategic partners and sponsors. Not just people who are going to give you free product, but people who are really going to help you extend the reach of your brand. What are brands that are out there that further the message of the lifestyle of your brand? What does your target customer drink? What do they eat? What do they like to snack on? Those are the people that you should reach out to first. It's also going to allow you to cross market into other audiences that care about the same thing as your customer, but don't compete with you at all.

Next, you want to create an events calendar. It's very important that you're strategic about what you're planning throughout the month. It's great to have that big launch party and all your friends and family come to support you, but how do you keep that buzz going longer if, say, your pop-up shop is going to be open for a month. We recommend at least one event a week. You want to stagger those so that you're not tapping into the same group of people over and over throughout the month. Maybe you collaborate with your strategic partners and sponsors and they can have a highlight night. Maybe you've co-curated your pop-up store with an accessories brand if you're in a power brand and you let them have a spotlight night to blast out to their membership. Or, perhaps you tap into some key bloggers who care about the kind of product that you're selling or want to do a stylist seminar in your pop-up store.

Those are all great ways to keep it creative and interesting throughout the month and keep the buzz going. Now that you have your strategic partners and sponsors figured out and your calendar of events it's time to create your buzz calendar with social media. First of all you want to start with a hashtag so you can start tracking conversations that are happening across the different mediums. Then think about where your customers are and how you're going to communicate to them through each platform. Facebook is great for creating an event page, and is also great for putting out press mentions that you're getting throughout the month. Twitter is a great way to put out those quick little one liners, giving people real time updates about what's happening at your pop-up store. Then you want to use Instagram for great visuals; whether it be lifestyle messages or how they're going to put the look together with today's trends with what you're selling in your store.

You want to start this early. First you want to think about the countdown that's leading up and how you're going to start getting people excited about what's to come. Maybe you start that a month out, at least two weeks out. Then you want to sprinkle it in throughout the month with events that you're planning, specials that you're going to have throughout the month. Maybe an exclusive discount code, bloggers that you can tag that have shown up in your space, really showing people that other people are enjoying what's happening in your pop-up store and encouraging them to visit as well. This will all lead up to your big launch event which you want to make sure that you're fully integrating social media in as well. Maybe you're going to run a contest that night, hashtag, whatever hashtag you pick, tag pictures that are in the store and let people know that doors are officially open.

You can run a contest with maybe best picture of the night gets to have a free object from the store, and offer an exclusive discount code for your opening night, really rewarding people for being a part of your brand's story from day one. By partnering with strategic sponsors that are on brand, creating an effective events calendar starting with your launch night and sprinkling events throughout the month, and really using your social media channels to let people see the behind-the-scenes and inside the DNA of your brand you can really use a pop-up store to amplify the reach of your brand from the day doors open to well after when doors close.

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