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Boost your marketing budget to grow awareness and drive traffic to your store.

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Put your plan into motion with fast and flexible funding, made simple.

Skip the application

Avoid lengthy application processes, with minimal paperwork and no credit checks.

Get funding quickly

Receive funding within about 2 days of accepting an offer so you can keep moving.

Repay from sales

Return funding as a percentage of your sales, with payments that flex to fit your business.

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Build your brand with Marketing Funding through Shopify Capital

Boost your ad budget

Get the word out, create buzz on social media, and convert more buyers.

Refresh your design

Invest in new photography, design or packaging to spruce up your brand.

Host a contest

Prepare for a big campaign or host a contest to build engagement.

Sign on an Influencer

Explore new ways to find more buyers by partnering with an influencer.

“We weren’t old enough as a business to be approved for a [traditional] loan, and all the other types of debt financing that we explored were just terrifying... That’s when we found out about Shopify Capital.”

Helena Price Hambrecht, Co-Founder of Haus
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“Small businesses have real options to grow through Shopify Capital… I feel like we haven’t even begun to tap into the ecosystem of what Shopify can do for us.”

Heather Price Hambrecht, Co-founder of Haus

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Inventory Funding

Stock up on inventory, get ready for seasonal sales, or buy products in bulk. Stay on top of your inventory with funding through Shopify Capital.

Payroll Funding

Get the funds you need to invest in your people and hire superstars. Grow your team with Payroll Funding through Shopify Capital.

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