Introducing the Shopify Bundles app.

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Bundles at checkout

Why you should use Shopify Bundles

Quick and easy bundle creation

Choose the products you’d like to bundle, with the variants you’d like to include.

Seamless integration to Shopify admin

Shopify Bundles is integrated directly with Shopify admin, so you can build and manage your bundles without leaving the platform.

Accurate inventory availability

Variant-level inventory tracking gives you over-sell protection, so you can provide a clear and accurate buyer experience.

Included in your Shopify plan

Shopify Bundles is free, included in your Shopify subscription.

Sell more with bundles

Drive more product awareness

Increase sales and drive more product awareness by highlighting new or slow-moving inventory.

Increase average order value

Grow your average order value by upselling your customers with bundles.

Improve your customer experience

Provide more value to your customers with enhanced purchase facilitation, discounts, and better inventory tracking.

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