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Juiced Bikes boost conversions and customer lifetime value with Shop Pay, Shop Pay Installments and Shop App

Jovian boosts customer retention by 85% with Shopify Launchpad

Princess Polly overhauls its return process to boost average order value, revenue, and customer loyalty

HydroMATE attributes nearly half of its daily customer growth to Shop Cash campaigns

Alpha Box & Dice Grows Wine Club Subscription Service By 700%

Duradry sees a 29% decrease in customer acquisition costs using Shopify Collabs

Fable triples sales year-over-year by leveraging Shopify Capital for increased inventory

With 41 retail stores and a massive product catalogue, B.O.C. needed a robust e-commerce platform for the future

Petal & Pup grew beyond where it hoped to be in 10 years time

Gunner Kennels used 3D/AR to reduce returns 5%, boost conversions 40%

Lounge Underwear scales to 25 orders per second

How Cotopaxi created a custom shopping experience that amplifies revenue and impact

Natural Baby Shower offers Shop Pay and sees a 13% increase in customer return rate

Jonathan Simkhai and Maison MRKT deliver 6.6x return on ad spend with Shopify Audiences

Decathlon taps into 50% more powerful analytics with ShopifyQL Notebooks for smarter business decisions

Slinger increases revenue by more than 40% in four months after replatforming

Scotts Flowers delivers 140% higher ROAS with Shopify Audiences

agood company’s revenue explodes 100% year-over-year with customized site

Doe Beauty saves $30K per month with Shopify Flow and automation tool

Jigsaw solved a post-pandemic puzzle with automation and increased revenue by £2M

Bushbalm drives 42% higher clickthrough rate with Shopify Audiences

Nathan James finds 500+ new buyers with Shopify Audiences

Kate Hewko fuels growth with 3.9x return on ad spend using Shopify Audiences

Nocking Point Wines triples conversion and minimizes monthly costs to save $180K a year after migrating

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